Intimate Work

“I got her some funny stuff that a shoemaker in Parker gave me once when I had the tooth-ache.”
“Right about face! One block west, and–here we are.”
Jill hated to see her lover whipped and yet the thought of it entranced her.
As they continued to push her across the barn, past all the awful farm machinery with the sparkling blades and the sex devices, the two types of equipment looking remarkably similar in many respects, and quite confusing to Jill, Beth struck her tits.
“–helped her out a little,” continued Gail, “and by that time the bell rang, so there was no opportunity for any further investigations.”
“You never told us anything about the river being so near here, grandpa.”
“Keep her wide open,” she warned Beth.
“So what do you buy her, toys and lollipops?” Rob asked.
Her pokings were driving deeper and deeper now.
“There is still an hour and a half before luncheon will be served, and that ought to give you quite an opportunity to make discoveries.”
Oprah Winfrey had been right. Yet Jill did not move.
She looked at Dave and, when he smiled at her, she blew him a kiss.
“Beth and Jill will tie you up, so I can begin.”
“Now, Faith,–but there is really no need of asking her about her discoveries.”
She would be sore for at least a day, if not more. He sat down on the matted floor and the two men gazed absently at each other’s penises.
Angela smiled. She could sleep in her bonds, standing up.
“She’ll probably see a lot before she’s through.”
It was a small, accidental thing, but Dave felt strangely naked and possessed walking through the farm equipment ahead of Rob.
Her legs, bare as the rest of her, quivered beneath her. Yet the work was intimate and he was forced to lean over the other man and breathe down upon him.
Their cocks were utterly spent and their balls hung down like old men’s balls, ever more descendant, never rising, even as the cool crisp morning air touched them.
She pushed her forward again, more gently. But he didn’t want to struggle against Rob, somehow.
It was just one of those acts of kindness born of the impulse of the moment and made possible because of a shortcut to the station and the grocer’s wagon which stood hitched in front of Mr. Where the belt had struck her a broad red mark cut across her bottom.
Hartman’s door. Campbell,when the shout of laughter at Faith’s sally had died away.
She stood in it in her high heels.
“OWOOOOOO!” Poor Jill howled as the crop caught one of her nipples again.
Jill could feel a cool brisk passing of air wash over her where ususally she was comfortably closed.
Beth ambled past the workmen but did not acknowledge them. And he’s an awful nice man.
Yet here was her boyfriend, about to lose his own anal virginity!
“Ow!” Dave groaned.
“Okay, it felt good, but I still didn’t like it,” Dave replied.
She gave it to Angela. A fat, sleek, black Tabby lay asleep on the warm porch-rail; a gaunt, ungainly greyhound lay sunning himself on the door mat, and from inside somewhere came the sound of a canary’s riotous song.
As Jill watched through tear-stained eyes their cocks, despite their best intentions, banged together again. It was useful to catch hold of her when she tried to squirm away, as she did now.
Now the moment of truth had come.
“My hands are getting tired!” Beth complained. Dave accepted it and drank somewhat self-consciously from it.
“I must go back to the University at once.”
The men laughed lamely but then shared a glance that seemed full of potential.
“Only I wanted to see if the horses looked anything like Black Prince. When I told him that, he got interested and fin’ly showed us some books he was trying to study, but he can’t see sense in the grammar.”
There was a soft upholstered chair, only one, and there was a bale of hay.
“You can make them the happiest people on earth if you want to–and I know you do.”
Jill was put over Rob’s mouth. Now her need was intense and she could barely contain her emotions as she flicked the penis whip down upon Jill’s poor teats.
“Well, well, well!” he cried with boyish eagerness, trying to gather them all in one embrace.
Then, with Jill and Beth, happily cooperating, the men were unfastened. The effect was to force Jill to squat, not in a deep bend but in a partial, standing squat, with her knees drawn far apart and latched to the barn walls.
“This is a pretty big house, and we’ve got to hustle if we get all around it in an hour and a half.”
After that she was a little pleasanter to us–that is, for a time.
Of course after he sat down on the chair he remembered, looking at Rob from behind, that Rob had no seat in his pants.
They hung down from her waist like broken shoelaces.
She realized she was hitting the girl’s breasts harder than she wished, causing her excessive pain, but she couldn’t help herself.


The next ninety minutes were busy ones in the Campbell house, and it was necessary to ring the dinner bell twice before all members of the happy family were summoned to the table.
How she wished she were in Jill’s place!  Instead she was forced to be the male, while two men beside her played games with themselves.
Beside her the elbow restraint kept her arms firmly beside her hips. Angela permitted a towel to be hung in front of each, on the wall, to save their peeslits from getting splinters in them.
“Neither to her own lover,” Angela said. She went to the dressing room and returned with a stylish policeman’s cap.
Below the lowermost cheeks of her bottom, seen through her slit dress, was a small tuft of pubic hair, lining her wet lips.
Dave, wincing a little at the contact, threw his face and shoulders onto the floor and reached back and spread his ass with both hands.
She’d spent all afternoon riding with Rob, her steed galloping powerfully beneath her.
“Guess this ride must make you feel ticklish, too,” suggested Peace, looking over her shoulder with a comical, self-complacent air at the crowded rear seat of the carryall.
Then she’s quite demanding.
From the barn emerged five exhausted figures. Above her back quavered, fearing a similar treatment, While her thighs, bent underneath her, could just as easily fall victim.
Jill no longer wore the elbow restraints, just the gear belt. Her elbows were fixed to her waist.
Campbell soothingly. She looked as if she was squatting to pee, a camper in the forest intent on relieving herself in the bushes.
They were open toed but the soles were just thick enough to keep her toes from being wet by her pee. They could play all night if they wished, and all day.
The little whip that had flogged Jill’s lover, castigating his balls, now slashed across her breasts.
” What have you been doing this morning?”
“Oh, lots of things,” she sighed heavily.
“Give me your hand, Hope.”
The remark made Jill so frightened she couldn’t even scream.
“Oh, I didn’t mean that as a  compliment, Mr.”
“You are too pokey,” Angela said, not wanting to shove Jill again, for fear of hurting her, but nonetheless giving her an insistent forward push.
He finished off his beer. Rob let him walk ahead of him, toward the back of the barn.
“That should keep you quiet,” Beth grinned. “We are anxious to hear how you like your new home–mother and I.”
They both got the men to spreadtheir arms and legs and the girls stood on tiptoe to lock the men into shackles hung from the wall.
The five of them lay sprawled on the floor, feeling the warmth of their bodies and the agreeable satiation that settled over them.
“Hurry dear.”
Quite casually he added, “Have you ever been buggered?”
“Huh?  No,” Dave answered.
Angela and Beth had found satisfaction, albeit belatedly, and with each other, but nonetheless attaining their climaxes.
She tossed back her head but could hear nothing issuing from her throat. His voice trailed off. The horse had just put his big head down to drink from it.
“We’re all bones of condescension today–now what are you laughing at?”
“Oh, we’ve reached the station already,” chirped Allee with a suddenness which made everyone jump.
It burned exceedingly from the blow.
“Spread yourself for me,” he ordered.
He was being untied by Rob, but despite her screams he seemed utterly unaware of her plight.
“Marmalade and Champagne,” Peace repeated more slowly.
Jill’s ribs rose gasping and then fell again.
She glanced down at her breasts with deep anxiety. Rob was beefy and Dave guessed Rob might be able to best him in a struggle.
A particularly wicked stroke sliced into Jill’s bottom and made her head fling back and her ass gyrate ridiculously. It was not a potential that included her.
“Oh, I can’t!  I mustn’t!” Jill pleaded. “I just noticed that if I had to fuck an ass, it might be yours I’d prefer.”
Her titties stung from the whip. And between her legs, still sore from being fucked, she wished to have another; her lover, this time, or even one of those rough men she’d passed on her way to the barn. Tears welled up in her eyes almost instantly as the penis whip landed across her bouncy teats.
“How’s it feel to be off that insidious bar?” Rob asked Dave. “If you’ve got ten rooms in your house, how many are you going to turn over to us? For our very own, I mean.”
“Yes,” he replied, glancing hastily out of the window, “I think very likely it was, as they live on the corner we have just passed, and the next street is where we get off.”
“Now, little one, you’re going to get quite a treat up your ass,” Angela laughed when the cock was finally ready. She kept Jill’s cheeks wide apart.
“I visited all the rooms upstairs and down; fed the canary; got acquainted with Blinks, the cat, and Kyte, the hound; found Towzer and tried to make him be friends with Kyte, but he wouldn’t be coaxed.”
Angela glanced at Beth.
“Yes, I like the horses and I like the people.”
Campbell joined in his merriment.
“I guess that’s how he came to speak to Hope about it.”
“I’m going to discipline those boobs of yours,” Beth said sweetly to Jill. “They aren’t as pretty as our Black Prince, ’cause they are only red, and a red horse is never as nice as a black–”
“Horses! What funny names!” laughed Hope.
Beth still held the penis whip. Angela let Jill savor the sting. A puddle of her pee lay on the rubber-matted floor around and between her feet. Both men felt like they were in a locker room.
“I mean, it’s not like, you know.”
Dave shifted his hips on the cushion as best he could to keep his own stiffening cock out of the way of Rob’s.
“Yeeow!  That’s cold,” Dave shouted.
The dark-haired woman watched Jill’s teats with cunning jealousy. A silent scream could be seen trying to break from her.
He seemed mesmerized by Rob’s pants and Rob seemed equally interested in Dave’s ordeal upon the horse. They pushed her forward again. She wet the sponge and then laved it across the jutting spheres of Jill’s bottom. Awkwardly, trying to protect her nether cheeks with her hands and yet also obeying, Jill got to her knees. She smiled sleepily at the workmen as she passed them.
“I’m going to whip you into shape!”  Beth, perhaps to avoid being struck by the whip, for it dangled close to where she was lying, got up.
The woman, who was blonde like Jill but older, stepped forward again and did up Jill’s hair.
“I told him she’d be glad to help him with ‘xamples he couldn’t do, ’cause she was Professor Watson’s star scholar in that.”
The two men were kneeling on the black-matted floor, Rob behind Dave, Rob upright on his knees and Dave well-bent to allow the other man entry into his butt.
“We hadn’t got the knob of her door turned before she ordered us out of her room and told us to mind our own business.”
“Huh?  No,” Dave replied, but as he looked up Rob doused his big meaty penis with beer.
It only enflamed her more.
“Gussie’s room is just suburb! It’s dec’rated with the queerest looking old bird of a bedstead–”
“Peace! What slang!” cried Faith in genuine horror.
Jill tried to protest but the gag blocked all sound. Between its open halves her crack could be seen.
“Hope, what have you to say for yourself?”
“Not much.”
Jill’s gasps increased. Dave just stared at the whip. Her nipples burned, yet they remained resolutely stiff, as if inviting kisses and suckling. Jill gasped at her posture. She felt like a spitted pig. Rob passed him the beer that he’d used to wet his penis with.
“Such sexy little boobs,” Beth replied, and hit her again, harder, watching wide-eyed as the tiny crop smacked Jill hard.
Beth pinched her bottom and spread her rubbery cheeks as wide as she could. Jill kept her hands protectively over her bottom, lying face down on the floor, but she did not cover the most essential part, the furrow between. Then Angela rolled Beth beneath her and turned around so they could engage in a 69.
Beth fetched a small cushion and put it under Jill’s face.
“Maybe that is what’s the matter,” Peace agreed thoughtfully.
“You want a beer?  You look like you could use a beer,” Rob offered.
Despite Angela’s warning, despite his posture, with his arms wide and his feet wide, his balls hanging utterly naked between his legs, he arched his hips forward and rubbed his cock against the towel. Refracts is the word she wants to use.
“YNNNNNNGH!” Jill shouted as a stroke landed right across one of her uprisen nipples. Having gone up as far as she dared in such a young, inexperienced girl, she now began to draw back.
“No,” Dave answered.
With frustration she massaged her cunt as she watched Jill dance with renewed energy. The blonde tossed back her head and pinched Jill’s hot bottom. There was loose hay on the floor in this part of the barn. Beth brought the whip down again on her bosoms. Jill’s cunny felt open and awake.
“I’ll survive, though. Just get some water, over there, the fresh water the servant left for the horse to drink, and wet her behind down for me.”
They tipped their hat to her, as they had to Jill, who’d ignored them. She felt like a cat plunged into water, trying to shake it off.
“I’m going to hit you as hard as I can,” Angela said to Jill. “It could be done just splendid! I’ll show you after lunch if you don’t b’lieve me.”
“Peace!” reproved Gail in an undertone, trying to check the flow of questions and information pouring so rapidly from the lively tongue.
He wished he could rub himself against the towel. As Jill was urged forward she managed to turn and glance back at her boyfriend. The men reached the dressing room area. Gussie said there were some kittens in the basement, so I went down there to find them, but the boy from the hardware store was there working on the furnace, and some way we fell to talking about studies, and he was so discouraged over his algebra lesson for night-school that I stopped to see if I could help him out a little, and the bell rang Just as we got the third problem worked.
Angela’s slit leather dress flipped jauntily against her bare bottom.
“Gussie told me how it was when I spoke of Marie’s being cross, but we never touched a thing; we just looked, didn’t we, Allee? Marie had the tooth-ache, and that’s enough to make anyone ugly.”
Angela, though less concerned for Jill’s welfare, ceased shoving and pushing her.
“I always thought Normal School was where they sent bad boys and girls who couldn’t be good at home, but she says I mean Reform School.”
Then, rising, her own heavy breasts swinging beneath her as she lifted up the bucket, she stepped back.
“The floor will have to do,” Angela said.
“Ooooweeee!  Take it out!” Jill begged. “Three in a room makes things awfully crowded if the rooms are as teeny as they were in our house in Parker.”
“Yes, I will,” responded the child with angelic sweetness, in such loud tones that she could be heard all over the car. Red streaks appeared across the white flesh of Jill’s precious bosoms, the breasts she was so embarrassed about and yet so proud of. Wash down her bottom.
Angela let her belt dip in it and stir it.
“Why, what do you mean?” cried the astonished mistress of the house, while the President nodded his head in approval at the child’s observations.
“But we are glad to know this old town holds a tender spot in your memories.”
She rocked her bare hips back and forth, wishing for pleasure, watching as Angela’s hips rocked to bugger Jill.
“Well let me do the buggering then!” Dave answered.
Hand in hand they walked up the path and through the door into the big hall, flooded with warm sunshine and sweet with the smell of roses.
As soon as she’d regained her balance Beth struck her again with the whip.
“Well, Gussie is good-natured and ‘bliging, while Marie is cross and grouchy.”
“This is home, dear.”
“Well, thanks,” Dave said sardonically.
“God, she is tight,” Angela remarked. “It isn’t as if we were bound for the poor-farm or some dreadful orphan home.”
He shouted as Rob began jacking his cock, forcing an emission from his own penis even as his bowels received one.
“Oooh!  Oooch!  Ooooh!” Jill cried in explosive little gasps. Dave felt his cockhead push into the soft towel Beth had hung for him. She left off whipping Dave to give him his due. At Angela’s command she leapt to her lover’s side and helped pull him up off the floor.
Jill expected the party to be over then. Jill herself had cum over her own fingers, in front of her boyfriend, and in the arms of Rob. The strap would keep her exercised.
“We think they are very intelligent animals.”
Gussie promised to help him, but she never has much time for such things, and he thinks she thinks he’s a plumb dunce.
“Those Parker people tried to tell me it was my place to stand in the doorway over at the house and welcome you there, but blessed if I could wait! Neither could Grandma.”
She squeezed her ass cheeks and knew they would be the next to suffer.

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